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  1. Stratos

    Stratos New Member

    Hello all!

    I open this post to provide feedback for the Fairey Swordfish just released as a beta:

    1- plane is easy to install and works pretty well

    2- is really that slow? I'm having real problems to climb over 150 m with a Torpedo loaded. Maybe I should lower the fuel values?

    3- how the torpedo works? Every time it hit the water explode.

    The rest is great and working perfectly, is a joy to fly it and to land in a carrier. Never landed a plane so easily.
    BTW: Can I post some pics on AAA?
  2. 6S.Kerberos

    6S.Kerberos Admin Membro dello Staff Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Hi Stratos and welcome in our forum.
    Only to say "thank you" for your feedback. Regarding your questions, we should wait for 6S.Maraz, he'll answer you ASAP.

  3. Stratos

    Stratos New Member

    A pleasure :)
    I solved the torpedo "problem" dropping it from very low altitude. I guess is realistic, so no more problems here. An amazing work!

  4. 6S.Kerberos

    6S.Kerberos Admin Membro dello Staff Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Glad you solved that.
    About speed... yes, it's slow. If I remember well, the rotation speed is about 45kts and the max speed is 120kts.
  5. 6S.Tamat

    6S.Tamat Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Yes it was so slow.. the manouver to boom and zoom the sword is more like a dive bombing.. lol. But is so good in landing on a carrier..
  6. RAF_Magpie

    RAF_Magpie New Member

    Hi all, well done on this baby :)

    Not yet, you must wait for Maraz to make the Beta post over there first.
  7. Biscuits

    Biscuits New Member

    Here's my feedback with a couple of hours of playing last night.

    Firstly I love the plane, a really great piece of work, thanks Maraz and Tamat but I'm having few problems with AI aircraft using the FMB.
    I had a mission I made previously where I had 10 Beaufighters attacking battleships with torpeodes which worked fine so I swapped the planes for Swordfish. What happens is that 4 of the planes always dropped the torps as soon as the mission starts (airstart) I cant figure it out, I tried with AI only on off and removing the AI mod which I use in case of conflict but no difference, also all pilots set on ace. Other than that the flare dropping with the AI worked well and is really impressive.
    Flak is a real killer also, with battleships guns on sleep and using harbour defences of only ten 88 flak guns, most of the old Stringbags were getting blown out of the sky, it was pretty hard to survive the mission, just an observation, maybe they should be able to take a bit more damage? I'd agree with Stratos it does appear really slower than you imagine a Swordfish to be but maybe that's entirely accurate. Other than that I love the thing!
  8. 6S.Tamat

    6S.Tamat Pilota del 6° Stormo

    I report a text from the book "Sworfish at war".

    He obviuosly thought our lumbering 90 kt biplane was easy meat and came round for a stern attack. I quickly realised our only chance lay in staying low so i dived straight down over the sea and with throttle wide open - all of 120 kt - headed for land. He made another attack and although my TAG was returning the fire he did not have much success because as soon as he opened fire i started jinking.
  9. Biscuits

    Biscuits New Member

    Hi Tamat,
    Yes, that is correct about 90kt cruising which is really slow what I meant was the simulated speed in game actually "feels" even slower if that makes any sense. Thinking about it the flak damage is also probably correct which makes it really hairy, one close burst of 88 and my wings were coming off.
  10. 6S.Maraz

    6S.Maraz Personale a terra

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    About AI and FMB, try putting a couple of waypoints before the GATTACK waypoint, planning a gradual descent of the aircraft from their fight level to about 150 m.

    The IL-2 AI is not able to make the diving attack that was usually adopted by Swordfish pilots... descent to low level for the torpedo run must be slow and last some kilometres.

  11. fabianfred

    fabianfred New Member

    I installed Ok...but get no cockpit..
    because i am using the soundmod 0.93 buttons file?
  12. actionjoe

    actionjoe New Member

    Buongiorno! And first thanks to you to make this plane, lots of interesting missions are now possible!

    I've only made a few test, with carrier landing and take off, and torpedoes attack,(didn't try bomb attack) and evrything seems to be OK, torpedoes attack works normaly if you put good waypoints.

    The only thing I found strange is the "damage" on Swordfish,it never burns or even smokes when it has been hit, most of the case the Swordfish lose a wing or explode, but he never going down in flames, is it normal?

  13. 6S.Maraz

    6S.Maraz Personale a terra

    Hi, the Swordfish can be damaged at engine, oil and fuel tank as all other aircraft...
    Vedi l'allegato 410

    surely the wings are very big and it's much more likely than you hit them instead of the engine, especially if you attack from behind. Anyway, we will keep present you remark and see if the damage model must be tuned a bit

  14. Boosher

    Boosher New Member

    Hey Maraz,

    Great job with the Swordfish! I hope we get to see the SM.79 soon too.

    I don't have my joystick with me this week, so I did some tests in the QMB instead with 4 Swordfish vs. two CR.42's. The Swordfish won, but they did so using tactics I'd associate more with a Bf-110 than with a slow, fabric, three-seat torpedo aircraft. I realize this might not be your department, then again I could be entirely wrong. I could show you a track if you want it.
  15. 6S.Maraz

    6S.Maraz Personale a terra

    Hi, this is a feature of every IL-2 A that has at least a fixed forward gun, it will fight as a fighter against other fighter, I observer that also with Ju88A-4/torp and others

  16. vtrelut

    vtrelut New Member

    Hello Guys,


    I will test it ASAP and already plan to revamp/adapt my French Wings campaigns, which use the U2VS as a fake for the Swordfish (shame on me...). At last this very important plane for Med operations is available! I am so happy, cheers to the authors, and happy flying to everyone.

  17. BlitzPig_EL

    BlitzPig_EL New Member

    I have been flying the Swordfish for a day now, and have some observations, and a couple of "bugs".

    Problems first.

    1. It is possible to raise and lower flaps by using my normal controls, and I get a confirmation on screen in the text. There are no flaps on a Swordfish, and the model does not show any flaps when I deploy them. Must be a beta issue?

    2. The aircraft has level stabilizer. Did the real Swordfish have an autopilot?
    I think it is a nice feature because long missions will be very long with this slow bird, but I somehow don't think it should have level stabilizer.

    Other than than those things I am enjoying flying it. I can't wait for the real cockpit. Will the gunner's cockpit be reskinned with a higher resolution texture?

    OH, it seems to go into overheat very easily if the engine is run over 85% power. This seems a bit odd as well.

    Let me know if I can be of any help.

  18. 6S.Maraz

    6S.Maraz Personale a terra

    Hello !

    The Swordfish had "Flaperons", that means ailerons that also acted as flaps. If you check carefully, you will see that ailerons tilt down when you use the "flaps down" command.

    About level stabilizer, yes it was an extra feature that was not present in the plane, but we added to ease long flights aboard this very slow plane... we will listen what people thinks about this feature and then decide if keeping it or not.

    There will be soon some improvement on damage model.

    I will also check overheating, though I found that the Swordfish can run at 100% throttle for 6 minutes before overheating (at 1500 m, Crimea map), so it is not very bad. If you lower a bit the prop pitch, you will lose only a small amount of speed but keep overheating lower.

    Thanks for your feedback
  19. BlitzPig_EL

    BlitzPig_EL New Member

    Thank you for the information.

    My prop pitch does not seem to be adjustable.


    I'll go back and check it again.
  20. WWSandMan

    WWSandMan New Member


    Thanks for producing this type for inclusion in IL-2. I look forward to testing and flying the Swordfish.

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