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  1. PAT Eagles

    PAT Eagles New Member

    Hi I'am pilot of Polish Aerobatic Team Eagles.Few days ago i sent email to to this address but haven't recived any answer yet.

    The point is I need to contact with anyone from FTV that speak english.We will organise big airshow
    in near future and we wish you to be part of it but i need to speak about few things.Is this possible to set the date and time and place for some conversation.Mabye your TS,but i need password.

    Greetings to all FTV
  2. 6S.Robby

    6S.Robby Mordicchio Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Hi, it's a pleasure for us know the Polish Aerobatic Team Eagles, congratulation for your impressive work!!
    Don't warry, at the moment a lot of our FTV pilots are in Verona with the FTV's stand for the electronics meeting. Olso Luca Viero is there. Next week you will recive his answer ;)
    I think that organize an airshow with you is a fantastic idea, at the moment we are in progress with the skills and olso with the plane, so in the near future we could fly well only with a short formation about 6-8 planes and maybe we will not able to fly the full Freccetricolori's program. I know that this is a great oportunity for my team to improve better!!
    Thank you very much for contacting us I am so happy.

    P.S. This end of summer I saw here in Italy the TEAM ISKRY performing a fantastic display!!

    See you soon in our TS

  3. PAT Eagles

    PAT Eagles New Member

    Ok good to know.Please keep in mind that i contected here.I will wait for some contact from you to set some date to speak with leader and others on TS.There is no hurry with V airshow we wish to make it in next year somewhere in early february.There is alot to do and prepare with it.As a bunch of very pracise guys here in PAT we will do this best we can.Waiting for contact.

    My email is or here in this thread, i will keep checking it.

    Im happy that you like Team Iskry.Salute
  4. FTV.yeager

    FTV.yeager Colui che vira verso la montagna Pilota 313° F.T.V.

    Sounds great pat eagles! Pleasure to see you here, and of course a pleasure to fly with you guys in the next future, love that idea, we really like to join these.interteams events, keep check that thread and email.
    Team iskry is a great team, loved their display in rivolto this end of summer.
  5. FTV.Husker

    FTV.Husker Pilota 313° F.T.V.

    Heythere, Welcome PAT Eagles and nice to meet you !!
    Your is a great idea and i like it.
    I Wanna give mine personal Greetings at you pilots and members of this Aerobatic Team. Nice Work guys,Good luck for all!! :D

    See you soon.
  6. 6S.Kerberos

    6S.Kerberos Admin Membro dello Staff Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Eagles, little OT, I saw on Youtube a "camera tracking" mod developed by you. It is possible to "share" your work with us? It would be PERFECT for airshows.
  7. 6S.Kerberos

    6S.Kerberos Admin Membro dello Staff Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Eagles please confirm you received my mail.
  8. Katty

    Katty Mascotte F.T.V. Pilota 313° F.T.V.

    Czesc od maskotki Frecce Tricolori Virtuali!
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  9. 6S.Carmine

    6S.Carmine Pilota del 6° Stormo

    omg super katty! made in kerberos! welcome katty! =)
  10. 6S.Kerberos

    6S.Kerberos Admin Membro dello Staff Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    About camera mod, I found it on SAS but unfortunately is not compatible with 339...
  11. PAT Eagles

    PAT Eagles New Member

    Cześć Katty.Nice to meet You.

    Luca please read email.

    Hope to speak in weekend.Have a good trainings.
  12. FTV.Michele

    FTV.Michele Pilota 313° F.T.V.

    Hi PAT, welcome on the FTV's forum.


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