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    The Aviator Mod Team and Ferté Alais Virtuelle presents the L-39C! Please note this is a Work In Progress.

    This mod has been developed and managed by the Ferté Alais Virtuelle for their project.

    Vedi l'allegato 2363

    L-39C air.L39C 1 r01 SUMMER

    Download: http://www.whatwalrus.com/sas2/AMT/L-39C_V3.5.7z
    Please note if you are using UP3 you will need DiffFM. If you are using DBW you will not need DiffFM as it is already there in the base installation. Other mod packages/setups have not been tested and are not supported.
    DiffFM: http://www.whatwalrus.com/sas2/AMT/000_DiffFm_UP3.0RC.7z (Thanks to ton414)

    It is recommended to use this custom lights mod: http://www.whatwalrus.com/sas2/AMT/00_Lights.7z (Thanks to santobr and Nightshifter)

    It appears that the large majority of people are missing the #UP# Sample Folder files as since it is not available on their website readme you can download it here: http://www.whatwalrus.com/sas2/AMT/Raptor/_UP_SampleFolder.rar (Install aircraft as you would normally, #UP# folder is now your MODS folder.)

    - New 3D.
    - New Flightmodel.
    - Dual seat works online, you can jump into the back seat and join in the ride.

    This aircraft has been designed for aerobatics, as such it has no guns or things like damage models. Please feel free to play with it and report any bugs or comments about the flightmodel etc... Note that the real life engine takes 9 seconds or so to go to full power, this one has been modified to 3 seconds for aerobatic purposes. It is likely a separate flight model will be made that will use the civilian engine that is less responsive closer towards the final product. Pink_Tigger is experiencing computer problems and is currently away so there are some limitations to what can be done on the 3D side at the moment. Hopefully when he comes back these problems can be resolved.

    External 3D [​IMG]
    - LODS/Shadow [​IMG]
    Textures [​IMG]
    Coding [​IMG] (only small bits are not done)
    Cockpit [​IMG]
    FlightModel [​IMG]

    Additional Features: (to be implemented)
    - Ejection Seat
    - Cockpit (Aymi)
    - Airshow smoke (Cannot be changed until final UP3 comes out)

    Bug Reports:
    - Open Canopy not quite correct.
    - Green tail light must be changed to white. (Cannot be changed until final UP3 comes out)
    - Second ejector seat, right side is see through.


    Aviator Mod Team:
    Pink_Tigger - 3D
    F22-Raptor-2006 - Java, FM
    and all of Ferté Alais Virtuelle - Beta testing, skins, project management

    Also many thanks to the Frecce Tricolori Virtuali for MB-339 Sounds.




    Original post here: http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,19758.0.html
  2. 6S.Kerberos

    6S.Kerberos Admin Membro dello Staff Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Great news Fougasse!!!! Thanks!!! I hope, after VFAT, to make our 339 compatible with UP3 so we can fly together!!!

    THANKS GUYS!!! I will try it after our VFAT Fly-In!
  3. 6S.FireFloyd

    6S.FireFloyd Personale a terra

    WOW!!!! Great job guys!!!!!! :cool:
  4. FTV.Michele

    FTV.Michele Pilota 313° F.T.V.

    Very great job guys.....!!!!!!!!!:eek2::eek2:
  5. FTV.yeager

    FTV.yeager Colui che vira verso la montagna Pilota 313° F.T.V.

    cant wait to take it for a spin dude!

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