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    La 1C e la Russian Military Historical Society annunciano l'uscita di un nuovo simulatore di volo dedicato alla Prima Guerra Mondiale basato sul motore grafico di ROF.


    Theatre of War and Setting

    The Russian army advance that lasted from May until November 1916 which history remembers as the most remarkable and influential operation on the Eastern European front. This is when the so called “Brusilov breakthrough” happened changing the course of events from June 4 1916 forward.

    Our research showed us that the Ternopol-Chernovtsy-Stanislav region seems to be the best choice of setting for our game. Also, this is where the ILya Muromets served and saw action.

    The map that we’ve been provided with is dated at the beginning of the 20th century (190?) and it is the main source of topography assets for us.


    We used our most recent technologies to build this map. The recreated space occupies about 22,500 square kilometers at 1 pixel per 50 meters.

    This map shows every lake and every river wider than 10 meters, all hills and forests that were mentioned on the old maps. Settlements are interconnected with automobile tracks and railroads – all modeled accordingly the early 1920’s data.

    Russian army advance aimed at L’vov has been taken as the base for the game plot. The following game missions and tasks are going to be available to players:

    Artillery spotting
    Aerial photography
    Fighter Patrols and Recon Intercepts
    Bombing enemy positions

    Meanwhile there will be various scenery elements on the ground:

    Artillery positions and fortified trenches
    Industrial blocks
    Auto- and railroads and bridges
    Airfields and dozens of settlements

    Plane Set

    Russian empire
    ♦ Nieuport 17.C1 (fighter)
    ♦ Nieuport 11.C1 (fighter)
    ♦ SPAD 7.C1 (fighter, 1917 )
    ♦ “ILya Muromets” (bomber)

    The enemy:

    ♦ Roland CIIa (recon)

    ♦ Albatros D.II (fighter)

    ♦ Albatros D.III (fighter)

    ♦ DFW C.V (recon)

    The “ILya Muromets” Type B is the proper star of this project. Its model has been re-created in 3D using all the data that can possibly be found in public sources.

    Game Modes:

    Quick Mission

    The campaign tells the story of the Russian Imperial Air Force’s confrontation with the Austro-Hungarian army which focused around Ternopol in 1916. The Campaign will have ten (10) unique missions with scenarios allowing players to fly various fighters and take control over the legendary “ILya Muromets”. Other tasks include reconnaissance, package delivery, artillery spotting, etc...

    Quick Mission

    This game mode allows users to easily re-create a variety of combat situations. Pick an aircraft for you and your wingmen; choose time of the day, weather, wind direction; spawn altitude and distance to the nearest enemy. You’re free to role-play famous WWI events or simply enjoy flying the 8 included planes that we offer in this title.


    Players will get to become a part of 32 players game sessions. Pilots will fight to score points that are given for destroying enemy planes and vehicles of all sorts. The maximum number of pilots per map is 32 players. All servers will be maintained by the players themselves.

    Also, we’re considering the technical possibility to implement additional features such as mouse control. All details about the technology and its chances to be presented in “ILya Muromets” will be announced later.

    ILYA MUROMETS is scheduled to be released in Q4 2014 with the Early Access program starting August 1st.
    Additional information about the game is available at
    More screenshots from ILYA MUROMETS are available at
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    ma se c'è già rof :confused:...
    lodevole comunque il tentativo.... avrei suggerito di sviluppare korea e vietnam per vendere 100 volte di più
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    È quello che mi chiedo anche io... forse vogliono fare qualcosa di più arcade??? Anche se non avrebbe alcun senso lo stesso...
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    non l'ho capito :|
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    Ma non facevano prima a fare espansioni per ROF con nuovi settori del teatro di guerra come quello italiano e anche quello russo appunto ....mah....non capisco ...proprio non capisco ..
  6. SUP_Aracno

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    Questo progetto è finanziato dal Russian WWI Historical Society e vogliono una cosa a sè, accessibile dal maggior numero possibile di persone, quindi arcade e volabile anche con il mouse.

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