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  1. CK_Fougasse

    CK_Fougasse New Member

    hi all,

    I'm CK_Fougasse, from france. i've discovered your website because of Virtual Duxford Airshow. i'm a pilot on this project...

    By the way 2 years ago i ve done nearly the same project for most famous french meeting called Virtual Ferté Alais near paris which take place each year in may

    we ve rebuilt a 40x40 km map, all 3 airports, and skinned all plane who are in real event.
    Website in french

    Past year, we re invited in a real meeting: we had a tent and making live demonstration ... with the public ... please find some picture...

    As i have the VDA mod, i discovered your jet plane ! a word WONDERFULL !!!

    So i would like to ask you 2 things:

    - this year in 11th 12th june we ll be to real meeting again we ll having live show, let people try the mod, diffusing the mod ... so it would be great if you could make a short vidéo of your program on our mod Virtual Ferté alais and map (jsgme activable) tha we can diffuse to the public ( this year we ll have a 50" screen for that !!!)

    - we would like to find a way if possible to use your mod with alphajet for french patrol: each year they come to ferté alais, with sometime breitling team and red arrows ... could be great to reproduce on il2

    thanks for all again !!!

    here are some details of our work

    comparaison of plane:

    what s in VFA 4.0

    our tent during 2010 meeting

    Old patrol of france's leader Jack Krine watching our live démo


    people inside during live:

  2. 6S.Cipson

    6S.Cipson Active Member

    Salut Fougasse, bienvenue au Forum du 6° Stormo.
    Nos amis de patrouille Frecce Tricolori Virtuali vous répondrons dès que possible.

    Merci encore pour la mise en garde et bientôt

  3. 6S.Kerberos

    6S.Kerberos Admin Membro dello Staff Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Salute Fougasse and welcome here!
    Sorry if your first message went in moderation queue, but it's our way to prevent possible spammers.

    About your idea, it would be great but until March 21th Frecce are busy in a live event in Verona. We can speak about it after that date.
    Thank you for your compliments about our 339!
    I'll contact you right after our event!

    EDIT: Fougasse tell me only one thing: do you want our clip in Full HD resolution?
  4. 6S.Carmine

    6S.Carmine Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Salut! Bienvenue chez-nous! :)
  5. FTV.yeager

    FTV.yeager Colui che vira verso la montagna Pilota 313° F.T.V.

    hi fougasse, yeager here. Good to have you here mate, i tryed your vfa mod, it simply looks great even if planes that are in (that you guys didnt modelled) flys a bit unrealistcly (especially the texan) , btw map is stunning (much better that the duxford one, especially concerning the surrounding landscape).

    The main things in your request is the same that we faced in order to fly in duxford: many objects = lag lag lag. And trust me, fly 10 planes in close formation even if is a low polygon aircraft is bloody demanding for network. Things that we can certainly try is some simple low pass ... but we can manage for some more as kerberos said after 21st of march.

    Secondly about the alphajet and any other planes you probably know better than us: they need to be made by some 3d modeller than imported into il2 and than it must be completed by a semi-correct flight model. Well simple to write it but we took almost one and a half year for the mb339 that we fly now (and it has no cockpit yet).

    So eventually keep us in touch :) (any news about VDA ? :p )
  6. CK_Fougasse

    CK_Fougasse New Member

    hi and thanks for all your answer... Yeager did you try VFAbasseconfig mod ? it s the small one ... less less objet...

    we don t have this probleme on real meeting: nvidia is our sponsor and for the event we have 6x i7 core + 6 gb ddr3 + geforce 570 ... so all rock perpectly even in hd even in 50" screen !!!

    yes we would like in hd ... if possible ...
  7. FTV.yeager

    FTV.yeager Colui che vira verso la montagna Pilota 313° F.T.V.

    Well saying this make me a bit envy about your sponsorship .... we also have to look for some sponsor it would help so much ... uhm i cant recall which i tryed actually.
  8. 6S.Insuber

    6S.Insuber Personale a terra

    Bonjour Fougasse,

    Bienvenu dans notre forum, et félicitations pour votre excellent boulot avec VDA et la mappe de La Ferté-Alais! Je suis allé à la manif aérienne en 2007, avant le délire du billet à 50 ou 60 euros, et je ferai en sorte d'y révenir cette année, peut être que l'on pourra se connaître ! Concernant le sponsor, un bon mot de ta part auprès de Nvidia pour ces bons diables des Frecce Tricolori Virtuali ... Sait on jamais :).

  9. CK_Fougasse

    CK_Fougasse New Member

    Insuber, je n 'y suis pour rien dans le projet VDA... ce sont des polonais... malheureusement ça a l air down pour l instant ... le prix des billets depuis 2009 est de 20€ car ce ne sont plus les éditions lagardères qui organisent mais l association salis directement...

    j espère vraiment une petite vidéo de vous à diffuser à la ferté sur la carte VFA

    Quand a nvidia coup de bol, le directeur marketing france est passionné de la Ferté et il y va tous les ans ... il faudrait contacter directement nvidia italie si ca existe en précisant que nvidia france nous aide ...
  10. 6S.Insuber

    6S.Insuber Personale a terra


    Merci pour les infos ... :D et bon vent!


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