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  1. Kopfdorfer

    Kopfdorfer New Member

    Greetings and Grazie for making your site available internationally.
    Some of your ongoing projects are very interesting and exciting.
    I am very much looking forward to their completion.

  2. 6S.Robby

    6S.Robby Mordicchio Pilota 313° F.T.V. Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Thanks a lot Kopfdorfer :)
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  3. 6S.Carmine

    6S.Carmine Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Welcome here! :)
  4. 6S.Manu

    6S.Manu Admin Membro dello Staff Pilota del 6° Stormo

    Welcome Kopfdorfer! :)

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