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  1. =gRiJ=SaoS

    =gRiJ=SaoS New Member

    Hey guys, just wanted to step by and say thanks for all the great time we had in this campaign.

    Hope that despite all the bad moments that could appear, you all at least had as many fun as we had flying with you.

    Special thanks to Maraz, for carrying this project and this is personal but I have to show my admiration of how Robby flies the Fw-190... just awsome mate, you've been feared in all the Ts channels every mission.

    I'll look for flying with you guys again.


    All =gRiJ= team
  2. 6S.Carmine

    6S.Carmine Pilota del 6° Stormo

    thx too to all red pilots!
  3. 6S.Cipson

    6S.Cipson Active Member

    Ah ah.

    Thank Saoss for the real immersive Match.

    I have to admit we had to front the more difficult situation of the last Campaigns.
    Power of your forces and skill of your Pilots put us really in trouble.

    In fact, as you said, without Pilots like Robby, Drigo, Perru and other talented kids, it would be very difficult to survive even some missions ...

    Therefore pls forward our Congratulation to your Team as well as our Thanking.

    Awaiting you and yous Guys on next engagements...

    Best Regards & Salute!

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